Shadow’s Eclipse part 2: Driven to Inertia

Finally I worked up the motivation to work on Shadow’s Eclipse. Still planning to have this book ready this month.


Linora moaned a little, two gunmetal fingers stroking deep into her core as she watched the hologram before her. It showed Quinn Hall, naked on a couch as Scarlet knelt before him and swallowed his cock. “Close…” the image of the mercenary groaned, “Such a good mouth, Kaydia. Ah! So… close…”

She stared at the holographic assassin’s face, lost in passion as she fucked the mercenary’s cock with her mouth, and her own metallic fingers worked faster within her drenched folds. Another moan escaped her lips as she felt a burning pressure building within her and imagined it was Kaydia’s tongue instead of her fingers.

“So… will I have… to punish… you?” Quinn gasped out. Quentin gasped out.

She’d recognized him in the skimmer, of course. He’d changed some, since their last encounter. The one that had cost her a hand and nearly her life. But not so much that she didn’t recognize her first lover. She’d even considered killing him then, but hesitated. He was fast, and skilled, and she wasn’t sure she could have taken him even with surprise.

But, right now? She’d be willing to take him. Take both of them. Memories of stolen trysts in the order mingled with the surveillance footage she was watching, making her imagine Quentin driving into her from behind while Kaydia’s cunning tongue… oh, yes… her tongue… “Aah!”

She bit her lip, arching her hips into her hand as Quentin’s back arched and he drove his meat into Kayida’s throat. “KAYDIA!” They both screamed the name, her voice breaking on her orgasm as the holographic mercenary sprayed his cum deep into the assassin’s throat. Finally, exhausted, Linora slumped back in her chair.

“Quentin Hall,” she whispered, reaching out to run her glistening metal fingers through the hologram. “And Kaydia. My, but this is getting better and better…”


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Shadow’s Eclipse Part 1: Scarlet Reflections Available Now!

He’s given her a reason to live –If he doesn’t get her killed first.

For years, Kaydia Voss served as a psychic assassin –known as Scarlet– for a criminal cartel, bound to them through a drug addiction they forced upon her. Now, she’s broken free of her chains, and has turned her well developed skills back on those who made her into a killer.

Quinn Hale is a for hire mercenary, looking for work on the distant planet of Miruta. Working with Kaydia is lucrative, but what he doesn’t expect is to fall for the mysterious assassin. Or that she might share his attraction. A steamy night spent together awakens exciting new feelings in both of them.

Quinn is the first person who gives Kaydia something to live for, beyond mere vengeance. But secrets both carry threaten their future together, and even their very lives.

The first part of Shadow’s Eclipse is now available, for just .99c! Keep reading for a teaser of chapter 1.
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To Rise Again now Available!

To overcome his demon, Matthias must embrace him.

After standing in defense of Monsford against the host of Torment, Matthias and Aurianna begin a new life together.  The promise of marriage and family gives Matthias something new to live for, a reason to resist the demon within his soul.

But when the wedding is attacked by an old foe, Matthias loses control, and the demon takes over. In one desperate attempt to protect his wife and unborn child, Matthias flees, and surrenders himself to the Order of Afodisia. The Order can bind the demon within him, but first he must face trial for a decade of atrocities committed as a demon.

Only death can pay for his crimes, but it need not be his death that pays the price. If he can strike down Baath-Me’el, he can earn absolution. But if he fails, Aurianna will be forced to raise their child alone.

Special deals under the cut!

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The End of His Redemption

I completed the last book in my debut series! This has been a long journey, for the story that has haunted me since I was a teenager. It’s changed dramatically from that first version I imagined, but I am so proud of the story I crafted (with a ton of help from the most incredible and talented writing partner).

For the longest time, I never thought I’d be able to finish one story to completion, but in the past 5 years, I’ve completed 3 narratives (about 8 books worth of plot, over three series), and written over a million words. I still have a long way to go with my writing, and many more stories to write, but I am so happy and relieved to finally complete this story. And excited to finally move on to the next project.

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To Rise Above

I am about one third of the way into my rewrites for book 3 of my His Redemption series, To Rise Above. This will be the final book in the series, and, to be honest, I am ready to complete this narrative. I love the story, it’s a based around a plot I’ve been trying to write for over ten years, and seeing it come alive on the page has been incredible. That said, I am completely ready to move on to the next story. While I do have a sequel series to His Redemption, it will be after at least two other series complete, as well as possibly a couple other standalone stories.

In any case, I still need to finish this one first. But, to build some hype, let me drop a teaser in the form of the prologue. Before the Fall gives us a look into Matthias before he sold his soul to Baath-Me’el, and his relationship to Rielle.

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New Project: Criminal Seduction

Because apparently I can’t help myself from starting new projects.

Each clue leads her closer to a killer who wants to be caught.

Homicide detective Claudia Ross has a knack for solving murders. Her secret? The ability to read into the emotional memories imprinted upon objects, and relieve the victim’s final moments. However, when she’s tasked with solving a series of sadistic killings of young women, even her psychic powers can’t crack the case. Instead, she finds herself drawn to the killer, heedless of the danger.

On top of all that, her sexy partner, Joe, proves to be more distracting than helpful.  They pursue an illicit affair, trying to avoid suspicions from their fellow officers, or developing feelings for one another.  She uses him to recreate the crimes, satisfying her growing dark desires.

Just as they get closer to the killer, so does the killer get closer to her, taunting –and tempting– Claudia through the final memories of his unfortunate victims. He’s set his sights on her, and if she can’t puzzle out his identity, then she’ll get to experience his sadism first hand.

Intrigued? Keep reading for a teaser!

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To Embrace the Dragon Announcement

The second novelette in the  His Redemption series is almost ready for release! Scheduled for February 18th, this short interlude follows Clara as she reconciles what happened to her on Mount Fearfire. She’s changed, but will her friends accept her?

Keep reading for a preview of chapter one!

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