To Betray a Master is Live!

To Betray a Master is now available for purchase on Amazon in either paperback or ebook format. It is also available on Kindle Unlimited to read for free for subscribers. Keep reading for a sneak peak of chapter 1, Fighting Fate.

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Meet the Character: Aurianna

Today I wanted to introduce the second main character from To Betray a Master, Paladin Aurianna Kallekos. Once she was Matthias’ acolyte, but a decades worth of guilt leads her to face him on the battlefield. Will she kill him, in honor of the memory of the man he was? Or will she find some remnant of her former master, and lead him back to the light of the goddess?

I hope you enjoy this moodboard and passage from To Betray a Master!

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To Betray a Master Available for Preorder

Aurianna spent her life fighting. It was her calling, her purpose, and her greatest glory. If only it were so easy to fight fate.

A sacrifice intended to save his greatest acolyte transforms Matthias into the very monster he once fought against.

Aurianna’s attempt to kill him, and therefore free him from his infernal enslavement, dooms her to his fate.

The demon within Matthias hungers to possess and corrupt Aurianna, tempting him with his own deepest, darkest desires. But when he refuses to give into his lust, she knows there is still goodness in him, and that freeing him from his demon is the only way to safeguard her own soul.

Through Aurianna, the goddess he abandoned offers Matthias one chance at salvation and freedom.

He must save her.

To Betray a Master is now available for Preorder on Amazon.  It will be available in both paperback and ebook formats, as well as available on Kindle Unlimited.

Journal of Lovecraftian Science, Volume 3

Lovecraftian Science

Hey everyone – we just put a Kickstarter on-line for a 3rd volume of the Journal of Lovecraftian Science.  The theme of this volume will be Lovecraft’s revision tales.  A set of seven revision tales will be included in this issue.  In addition, if a specific threshold goal is reached an additional tale, “The Curse of Yig” co-written with Zealia Bishop, will be added to this volume of the Journal.

throne A draft illustration of the cover of The Journal of Lovecraftian Science, Volume 3 by Steve Maschuck

In addition to the third volume, a chapbook will be produced that discusses the ecosystem of Lovecraft’s Venus in the tale “In the Walls of Eryx” co-written with Kenneth J. Sterling.  The chapbook will describe the endemic flora and fauna of the Lovecraftian Venus and how ecosystems processes operate very differently relative to Earth.

walls or erxEarly illustration of “In the Walls of Eryx”…

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Meet the Character: Matthias

I hope you enjoyed To Serve the Goddess, and I hope you are hungry for more tales from Videran. For this first installment, I want to include a deeper look into Matthias, who goes from being Mykel’s bookish acolyte in To Serve the Goddess to a demon-souled fallen paladin in To Betray a Master. Curious about Matthias’ downfall? Check out this moodboard, and short passage, for a deeper look into his mind.

Did you miss your chance to get To Serve the Goddess?  Get it here!

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To Serve the Goddess Announcement

To Serve the Goddess

If he dies, the truth dies with him…

In the demon-infested hellscape, humanity fights a battle for survival. Mykel fights on the front lines of this conflict, serving the goddess of love and war, Afodisia.

After one such battle, an interaction with a survivor reopens old wounds and tests Mykel’s faith. Guilt over the daughter he left behind resurfaces, just as a larger threat looms on the horizon.

His only hope lies in a woman who sacrificed her past and name to serve as Afodisia’s Oracle. With nothing left to lose, she looks to the future for meaning. Mykel seeks to reconnect with his faith through her, but with an impossible battle before them, will it matter? And if he dies, will his daughter know who he was?


To Serve the Goddess, the first release in the His Redemption Series, will be available for download on Sunday, October 7th. This short prequel will serve as an introduction into the world of Videran, a land corrupted by the unnatural forces of Hell. At the center of the conflict is the Order of Afodisia, an order of paladins dedicated to the goddess of love and war, who fight on the front lines of the battle against demons.